About Us

Our firm, Charu Worldwide, established in the year 2000, is a company committed to providing better quality at competitive prices. This adherence has kept us close to our customers and ahead of competition.

Our manufacturing and design teams, have kept abreast with constant in-house development and competitive sourcing of latest raw materials. The whole package has helped us deliver our promise time and again, to each and every one of our clients. We have kept a transparent and clean business approach, and have successfully endeavoured to keep our clients above and ahead of every challenge presented.

Our honest approach and growth have not only helped our clients but have largely benefitted our workers lead a better life.

We thank you for your visit, and hope that you will learn more about  us and our products through this website. Please feel welcome to go through our product images and inform us about your interests. 

As a potential vendor for you, we understand that in your sales lie ours.

Our sales team would also be happy to visit your premises during their frequent trips to discuss your requirements and offer solutions.

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